Thursday, February 13, 2014

How Not to Play Magic: Sideboarding

And here we are with another edition of “How Not To Play Magic.” The topic for this article: sideboarding!
This past weekend I went to GP Kyoto. First, the enjoyable events.

While Mike and the other J-Speakers (who called themselves “The Tall Boys”) played in the main Team Sealed Event, I wandered about for around two hours waiting for the Legacy side event. During that time, I bought cards that were much cheaper than at any other store I’ve been to and even got my Fanatic of Mogis and two Wear // Tears signed! That was probably the most fun I had at the tournament, because, unfortunately, when Legacy started, things went down hill.

My first matchup was against my old friend, <a href="">Sneak and Show</a>. Game 1 he got Griselbrand out and then drew and drew, but I had a ton of Goblins already and was threatening lethal soon. Eventually, he did attack and then Show and Tell'ed another Griselbrand so that he had a blocker. I put in Goblin Matron and tutored up a Stingescourger to bounce Griselbrand and he scooped.
Game 2 went basically the same way. When I Aether Vial'ed in Purphoros, my opponent just couldn't believe it! He just shouted, "Aa? AA?!" in his Japanese way. Then I turned Krenko side ways and he went from a comfortable 11 Life to a very dangerous 1 Life. He scooped soon after.

After that match, I was feeling pretty good about myself. I had demolished Sneak and Show! How awesome is that?! But, then I realized I had made a mistake, one that would haunt me for the rest of the day, almost as if I was cursed. I had kept a solid hand in Game 1, not knowing what I was up against. But, in Game 2, I did something unwise; I side-boarded in three Ashen Riders but didn't mulligan to her. I kept a fine hand, and ultimately won, but almost entirely due to the draw of the cards. 

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